Monday, November 6, 2017

Friday, September 22, 2017

More September Harvest!

 Apples in process.
 Cinnamon apples.

A tour of the garden. This is the front gate of the garden     
 Sarah swinging by the garden.
Asparagus fern and parsley.

 Echinacea, kale, calendula and some borage.

 Bitter melon climbing.
 Blue hubbards, that is all.  Really, that is all that came up in that patch. We planted 4 different kinds and only the blues came up.
 Borage. So pretty.
 Pinto beans, borage and cosmos.
 Pumpkin pie pumpkins and lemon cucumbers.
Green tomatoes.
 Ripe tomatoes.
 Sarah with her new squash named Bernice. If you have read "Sophie's Squash," you would understand.
 More echinnacea in the back, lemon cucumber, and sweet potatoes.
 Swiss chard.
 Just sweet potato.
 More of the pumpkin vines.
 Pumpkin up close.
 Tomatoes covered so they will actually ripen.
 Brussel Sprouts, one of my favorite.
 Lion's Tail.
 Horseradish, yum, can't wait to harvest.
 Our harvest that day. There was more to pick, but we just couldn't carry it on the bike.
 Sarah with Bernice. :)
 And Maggie after she came home from school.  It was backwards, inside out and mismatch day. Fun with spirit week.

New Greenhouse in Progress! Yay! New Outside Structure for Rabbits! Yay! Kittens Are So Cute!

 The footings are in.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Steve.  Lots of hard work put in to this structure so far.

 South side of the garage.
 Very nice. Thank you Steve. :D
 Next to figure out the best way for the floor so we can keep heating flowing through. :)

 Sarah helping put dirt in the new outside structure for the rabbits. One scoop at a time. :D
 Those pig tails were made by Steve. Super cute.
 Inside, wire down first, then dirt, then hay.
 We just bred the rabbits so we should have babies that are ready by Christmas!! :D

 Cute kittens playing in the leaves. :D
That is Mr. Spot.

And Mr. Sunny aka Mr. Purry Fluffypants.

Maggie's Birthday!!

 Happy Birthday Maggie Mae!!
 Maggie wanted cupcakes with chocolate dirt and gummy worms coming out. Hahaha!!  I think they came out pretty well. She said everyone liked them in her class.
Maggie waiting for her apple pie I made for her.  Yum!!
 Maggie invited George and his wife Joyce to the party. That was so nice of them to come over. :)

 Sarah, can we get on with this please. lol
 Maggie and her pretty ponies she got from Steve.  More ponies to add to the collection. 😛
 Maggie opening her puzzle from me. She has been doing more and more puzzles lately. :)
 Sarah took a picture of Harmony.  The Velie girls came with their mama Elizabeth and had some pie too.  Maggie got lots of things for coloring with, her other love.
Sarah got a picture of mama. :)