Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Garden as of November 5th 2016

Our new greenhouse in the garden.
 Mache (also known as corn salad).  So far, so good.  It's supposed to be able to live through the winter here. I think we will eat it all before then and we didn't put in a barrier in the ground like the lady North of us who is doing the same thing for the permafrost, we'll see how it goes. We will also start tomatoes and cucumbers in here during the early Spring.
 Echinacea, horseradish, which is dying back after we harvested some of it and Maggie's snap dragon plant that is still going strong. As time goes on we will plant more in there.

 The outside.
 The garden space.  We put some mulch on  it.  The green plants are brussel sprouts.  They can stay out while its cold and even snowy.  They just keep getting sweeter.
 The other half of the garden, more brussel sprouts.
 Kale and chamomile still going strong.
 Chamomile up close.
 Parsley still looks nice.
 Brussel sprouts are looking good.
 Calendula is doing well too. Pretty little flowers.

Bee balm dying back.  It still looks pretty.

Me and the Girls and Halloween 2016

Sarah wanted to take a picture with me before I went to work and she stayed home with Steve.
 Aw, my little squishy.
 Maggie dressed up before going to school. My sweet little witch.
 Sarah as a fairy Tigger. lol Hey, whatever you want to be, its halloween, right?
 Maggie decided to be a witch butterfly.

 Before going trick or treating.  We went to 4 places, Maggie was tired and scared of the dark and you know me, I wouldn't allow them to eat non-organic candy, so whatever they got they traded it for organic chocolate and lollipops. Win/win. I don't have to hurt myself following them all over to fill their sacks and they get stuff that is mama approved. I think next year we might just have a dessert or something Halloween night, I don't think they thought it was worth it to go out since we decided it was about dressing up, not getting a bunch of candy.
 Close-up of Sarah.
 So, the day after Halloween, I let the girls draw on their faces with the stuff I used the night before.  Well, that was great and all because it gave them something to do, but even organic eye liner can be like glue if you don't have make-up on under it.  It was a bear to get off.  Oh well, they did have fun doing it and they looked pretty cute.  Here they are painting pumpkins.

 Leaf time!! Sarah Bear hiding in the leaves.
 Can you see her?
What is that!?!??!
Oh, whew, its just Maggie.  She said while they were playing in the leaves that it was like the living dead. lol Good thing its a shower night. :)

Some of the Harvest

 Celery.  I think we harvested about 6 or 7 celery plants. Huge plants, watch out, I tried to juice the leaves thinking I did not want to waste anything. Super bitter. Yeck. No bueno.
 Some basil drying in the kitchen. We used a lot already and made pesto with it.
Tomatoes and pumpkins.  We had quite a few pounds of tomatoes, maybe 15 or so.  Pumpkins we had almost triple the amount you see here.
 Butternut squash, sweet dumpling squash and some big thing we have no idea what it is. Some seed I planted. It looks like a zuchinni, but it is a winter squash, tastes and acts like spaghetti squash.
 More squash.
 Basket gourds for crafts.  I was kind of bummed none of the small spoon gourds came to fruition, oh well, next year I guess.
 These are hanging to dry out, we'll poke them every once in awhile to turn them.  They will get all moldy and nasty and then you clean them up after they are dry in the Spring. Yeah, it takes a year from seeds to craft for these guys.
Freezers are full, mostly broccoli in there, some pumpkin, raspberries and frozen raw eggs in the 1/2 pint jars. Yes, you can freeze eggs.  These are all duck eggs since they only lay during the growing season.

Continuation on the Poultry/Rabbit House

 I love this picture. Sarah's helping hold up the building, don't let Steve fall. lol

 West and North side of the building.

 Jumping on tin is fun!
 South side.
 North and West sides finished.
 Steve. :)
 The backside of the structure (hahahahahaha).
 The East side with an outside run for the ducks.
 The inhabitants. Daddy bunny.
 Mama bunny, she just had 2 or 3 kits I think, this week.  I didn't want to disturb them so we'll find out in a week how many she had.

 Cinnamon again.
The ducks in their outside enclosure.