Friday, March 31, 2017


 Dried flower arrangements that Maggie and Sarah picked and put together as bouquets.

 One morning I woke up and heard turkeys.  They were in front of the house still when I came downstairs.  The live next door mostly during the winter as the homeowner next door feeds them.
 Boiling down our first sap collection of the year.
 Sprouts.  Tomatoes.
 Two cuties who played in the leaves.

Watching the Yearly Ice Flow

 It is early this year on February 20th. All of these were taken by Steve.

 Fixing Elsa's cape.
 Pretty picture..

Pictures Mostly by Steve

 We caught Dr. Maggie in action. She took Steve's glasses and we found them playing doctor with their Frozen dolls.

 Sarah holding the patient
 Examining Elsa's eye.
 Playing with their Frozen toys.

 Sarah working on art with Steve
 Playing with the ponies.  They play exclusively with the My Little Ponies now.  I found a bag of them at the Thrift store, what a steal at $4 for 6 or 8 ponies. Endless hours of playing.
 Maggie in the dress that Steve bought her. Very nice.
 Maggie taking a picture of mama.
 Winter in my hair.
 Sarah playing with blocks.  It's amazing how much they play with their toys now that I've gotten rid of the junk and left just the nice toys and no tv until after dinner, unless of course they are too into playing with their toys. :D Winning at less screen time and more pretend and play time.
 Steve, there is a bird on your head.

 My sprouts.  I love my sprouts, they are so yummy. We use them in our juice and put them on our salad.
 Barley fodder (sprouts) for the ducks and rabbits. They love them.
 Don't they look so yummy.

You Are My Sunshine

Sunshine, Daisies, Butter Mellows
Change this Stupid Fat Rat Yellow

Oh, its just the cat, Sunshine.  Hahahahaha!  His name always makes me think of this spell that Ron first tried on his rat on the train to hogwarts.  He is such a lover too, always rubbing on me and purring when I am getting my boots on. He is one of Mama kitties kittens from last year.


 The first two pictures is our first batch of rabbits from Daisy and Cinnamon. Some look like mom and some like dad.

The second batch, which we were not expecting, talk about breeding like rabbits, are a combination between the two colors it seems.  Daisy Mae is such a good mama, I have never had to worry about them one bit.

More Christmas 2016....

 Isn't he so cute. Sarah's present to me was a stuffed dragon.  Last year I got a My Little Pony stuffed animal from Maggie, so I'm adding to my collection. :)
Twirly dresses for Sarah.

Playing Catch up with Pictures

 Some of Steve's artwork from the "God's Eye" collection.  He gave this one to a friend of ours that inspired Steve to start working on his interpretation of what a God's eye might look like.

 Thanksgiving and the kids were all sitting at the table and when the sunlight first came in from the window it came in on them and I thought that was so cool. Yes, thank you Sarah for taking your fingers out of your mouth. lol
 Christmas pictures. Sarah and Maggie in front of our tree.
 The four of us.
 Sarah opening one of the presents she asked for, Frozen dolls.
 Maggie and her new dresses.
 Opening the second Frozen doll.
 Steve's first present to open.
 Maggie was already to buy presents for Steve and I the end of October, so this shirt she picked out had waited since then.
 Me and James.
 Sarah and her presents.
 Maggie opening the Frozen present she had asked for.

 Steve surprised by his non-weanie silver present.
 He was excited. lol
 Maggie looking pretty cute.
 Maggie pretending to be surprised about her gift that her and her sister picked out in front of each other.
 I think this was a self portrait.
 So silly.
 This is my favorite.
 More Frozen.  Who knew?
 Me and my children.

Yes, James is silly.