Monday, May 15, 2017

Garden Early May

 Our asparagus we started from seed last year.  They are looking good.
 More because they are so cute.

 Our sage is coming back.
 Garlic outside the greenhouse.
Horseradish outside.
 Horseradish inside greenhouse. Shazam!
 Our greens in the greenhouse. Chamomile that has come back from last year mixed in.  The arugula is going to seed, but it is getting hot, so understandable.  Everything I planted outside is just barely coming up.

This is the middle row in the greenhouse. In the back on left are these beautiful rutabaga plants, they are so pretty, beets on the right and some snapdragons in between.  In the middle are bachelor button flowers, flanked by head lettuce. There are a couple of calendula plants in front of the bachelor buttons. In the very front is an echinacea and another behind the bachelor buttons that you can't see. So fun to see the difference from inside and out.  Seeds are just starting to come up outside. Carrots, onions, beets, all kinds of flowers and the cabbage, tomato and pepper seeds I started in the cold frames are all coming up.  I want to see the difference between the tomatoes and peppers I started in the cold frames and the ones I started inside with lights and heat. It's a cool experiment and I'm hoping the cold frames win out.  It would be so much easier if I can start them out there every year.

I love my 3 year old

She says the funniest things.  Here is her latest while she was sitting on the potty:

                       "My poop is so peaceful.
                       And my pee is so graceful.
                       My pee and poop are so alive!"


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Maggie Learned How to Use Peddles on her Bike!!!

 Maggie peddling her bike without Mama holding on. Yay!!! The girls told me they had something to show me!!!! Yes!!!
Maggie talking and peddling at the same time. Awesome!! She was so excited, she was just exhausted last night after riding most of the day. She said she is going to ride her bike EVERY day. lol She is so proud of herself.

Sock Snake

OK, so I found this pattern for sock snakes.  When I saw this picture on pinterest I didn't actually look at the pattern on how to make them right away. The differences on how I made it was the way I thought it was going to be done in my head not the actual pattern.  So, what did I do, I did it the way that was in my head, of course. I have a couple tips and instructions on how I did it.  So, now you have two different variations on how to do it.  You're welcome!!

Me and the girls laid out the socks after cutting the toes and heels off except for the heads and tails.  I did not cut the socks open  like in the other directions.
I marked where to cut a slit for the tongue.
Cut the slit.
With the sock inside out I sewed the tongue so that when the sock is right side out so is most of the tongue. Sorry for a blurry pic I did not notice it when I could have taken a new one.
The eyes on and the tongue sticking out.
Next I put socks right sides together and started sewing.
If any of the socks were different sizes I just folded over the bigger one a little so they were the same size when sewn together.  When I needed to fold over I did it on the bottom part of the snake.
My tip when sewing the snake together, is to not sew more than 8-10 socks together before starting to stuff them, I had to get the seam ripper out and take them apart to stuff them.
Those are the tails that are not sewn on yet.  I forgot to leave the sock tail for the pink one with the toe part on, but I still made it work, I will have to add pictures of the tails. I did not like the tails on the original patterns, so I did my own thing with them. I like it better because it looks more snake like.

The Box

(In a serious voice) The box. She really wanted a picture of the box, but did not want to smile, it was serious man. Steve helped Sarah design and make her box, he is a good house box builder. :P She is standing in front of the door.