Thursday, April 20, 2017

James' Spring Break Week

 It snowed one night that James was here and I told them they better hurry up and make snowmen and throw snowballs because it was going to be gone by tomorrow.  I'm glad they took my advice, it was a perfect soft snow for playing with. Maggie's snowman above.
 Again with Maggie
 James' snowman.
 James and a picture without his sisters in the background, so particular.  lol
 Sarah and what she says is a "snowmobile." Creative Sarah.
 The snowmobile by itself.
 Pouncing on their snow creations.
 Fixing the snowmobile.

 Using the force on his sister. lol
 Squishing the snowmobile.
 Ooops!  I really didn't want to squish it. lol
 Happy Birthday James!!! 11years old and with his buddy on his shoulder. He loves that bird. It's so funny, his actual Birth Day was the day he was traveling back to CA and he got the whole plane to sing him Happy Birthday.  So awesome!!
 Playing out front.  Some of these they didn't know I was taking.
 Having fun!
 My lovely prodigy.
 Sitting in the street.
They must be talking about the world at large. :P

We had a great week with James!  We look forward to summer!!


 Right side of garden
 Left side and greenhouse
Inside greenhouse. Foreground is weeds on the left and I was trying to figure out if they were edible, but I still don't know what it is so I pulled it.  To the immediate right of the weeds is a clump of purple echinacea.  The top of the picture is another clump of purple echinacea. The 3 rows are head lettuce on the outside and the middle row is bachelor button flowers. :)
 Garlic.  Everything is getting green and growing.  Flowers and veggies.  So exciting!!  At this rate we will be starting warm crops a week or two early.  :D

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Vines of Death

These vines are in our forest area at the river property. Steve says he's watched them grow for the last few years.

 Here they are around the bay tree they killed.
 They are just massive.
Look at those roots on the ground.
 That's me in there. Seriously.

 Can you see me?

 Strangling the tree.
 I did have to talk Steve out of using some highly toxic substance to kill it.  We'd have to take it all out anyone, so we just need to keep up on it until its gone.