Thursday, March 17, 2016

Garden Journaling

 Journaling is very important when gardening, especially if you stay in the same place more than one year. A regular cheap spiral bound notebook will do just fine (the first one I had was tobacco paper spiral that was quite pricey, go as pricey or as cheap as you want). Write down when you started seeds, when they germinated and when you planted them out in the garden.  Later, write down when they started producing, how much, etc.  This is all important so you can look back and see when you did what and what you could change to make it better for next year.  All good things. :) Writing down the varieties of plants too, so you know what you need to order seedwise for next year.
Maggie also has her own spiral bound notebook for her flowers so she can keep track of how much she spent on seeds, when she started seeds, etc. This way she can pay me back for the seeds I bought for her to start out and she can plan for next year, how much money she needs to save to buy seeds for next years flowers if she wants to sell flowers again. She also has a list of flower seeds in a catalog she wants to buy and try out next year.  All good things, especially when your 4 and have the possibility of making money for yourself and things you want to buy. :)

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