Sunday, July 10, 2016

June Garden, Ducks and Rabbits

 This is the garden before we put up our fence.  I will put more pics up of what it looks like now in the next few days.

 A view of our teepee for the pumpkins to grow on, now they are half way up that structure.  It'll be neat to see the difference when I post the next pictures.
 Out at the river Steve kindly put up a tree house for the kids.
 and a sand box in the middle, yellow seated swing to the left next to tree house.
 Hi Steve. :D Looking good as always.
 One of two tire swings, the other one might not have been up yet when I took these pictures.
 The ducks in one of two duck tractors.  They move every 24 hours to new grass.  Purely pastured. :)
 Since no one lives out at the river property we have to put electric fencing around them. Just in case.
 Happy ducks.
 Here is an overview, garden far left, ducks in the middle, cottage on the right.
 One of our 6 new apple trees, I think this one is the Jonathon apple.
 Meet our new does.  I bought them at an animal swap at the end of May from a breeder that is trying to preserve 30 different breeds.  Out of most of the rabbits for sale these were one of the best taken care of and the lady and her son were so patient with all my questions.  I hadn't had rabbits since high school and they make such great compost and are good for meat. These 3 breeds are all meat breeds. They can also be shown by the kids if they want because they are purebred.  I want to get another buck to add to our colony like the one you see above on the left.  She is a Creme 'd Argente and on the right is a Sable doe. Maggie has claimed the Creme and named her Daisy Mae and she loves to give furry kisses and James claimed the Sable and named her Bonnie, she loves her greens.
 This is our buck.  He is a Cinnamon buck that Sarah has named, you guessed it, Cinnamon, I would also like to add a Cinnamon doe to our colony as well.  He is super sweet and loves to be pet just like our Creme doe.  The sable is a little more shy.

 A basket of duck eggs, radishes and yarrow I harvested.
 Hello duckies.
 They are so happy when we move them to a new spot.
 Ducks and the cottage at the river lot.

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