Friday, March 31, 2017

Pictures Mostly by Steve

 We caught Dr. Maggie in action. She took Steve's glasses and we found them playing doctor with their Frozen dolls.

 Sarah holding the patient
 Examining Elsa's eye.
 Playing with their Frozen toys.

 Sarah working on art with Steve
 Playing with the ponies.  They play exclusively with the My Little Ponies now.  I found a bag of them at the Thrift store, what a steal at $4 for 6 or 8 ponies. Endless hours of playing.
 Maggie in the dress that Steve bought her. Very nice.
 Maggie taking a picture of mama.
 Winter in my hair.
 Sarah playing with blocks.  It's amazing how much they play with their toys now that I've gotten rid of the junk and left just the nice toys and no tv until after dinner, unless of course they are too into playing with their toys. :D Winning at less screen time and more pretend and play time.
 Steve, there is a bird on your head.

 My sprouts.  I love my sprouts, they are so yummy. We use them in our juice and put them on our salad.
 Barley fodder (sprouts) for the ducks and rabbits. They love them.
 Don't they look so yummy.

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