Saturday, November 5, 2016

Some of the Harvest

 Celery.  I think we harvested about 6 or 7 celery plants. Huge plants, watch out, I tried to juice the leaves thinking I did not want to waste anything. Super bitter. Yeck. No bueno.
 Some basil drying in the kitchen. We used a lot already and made pesto with it.
Tomatoes and pumpkins.  We had quite a few pounds of tomatoes, maybe 15 or so.  Pumpkins we had almost triple the amount you see here.
 Butternut squash, sweet dumpling squash and some big thing we have no idea what it is. Some seed I planted. It looks like a zuchinni, but it is a winter squash, tastes and acts like spaghetti squash.
 More squash.
 Basket gourds for crafts.  I was kind of bummed none of the small spoon gourds came to fruition, oh well, next year I guess.
 These are hanging to dry out, we'll poke them every once in awhile to turn them.  They will get all moldy and nasty and then you clean them up after they are dry in the Spring. Yeah, it takes a year from seeds to craft for these guys.
Freezers are full, mostly broccoli in there, some pumpkin, raspberries and frozen raw eggs in the 1/2 pint jars. Yes, you can freeze eggs.  These are all duck eggs since they only lay during the growing season.

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