Saturday, November 5, 2016

Me and the Girls and Halloween 2016

Sarah wanted to take a picture with me before I went to work and she stayed home with Steve.
 Aw, my little squishy.
 Maggie dressed up before going to school. My sweet little witch.
 Sarah as a fairy Tigger. lol Hey, whatever you want to be, its halloween, right?
 Maggie decided to be a witch butterfly.

 Before going trick or treating.  We went to 4 places, Maggie was tired and scared of the dark and you know me, I wouldn't allow them to eat non-organic candy, so whatever they got they traded it for organic chocolate and lollipops. Win/win. I don't have to hurt myself following them all over to fill their sacks and they get stuff that is mama approved. I think next year we might just have a dessert or something Halloween night, I don't think they thought it was worth it to go out since we decided it was about dressing up, not getting a bunch of candy.
 Close-up of Sarah.
 So, the day after Halloween, I let the girls draw on their faces with the stuff I used the night before.  Well, that was great and all because it gave them something to do, but even organic eye liner can be like glue if you don't have make-up on under it.  It was a bear to get off.  Oh well, they did have fun doing it and they looked pretty cute.  Here they are painting pumpkins.

 Leaf time!! Sarah Bear hiding in the leaves.
 Can you see her?
What is that!?!??!
Oh, whew, its just Maggie.  She said while they were playing in the leaves that it was like the living dead. lol Good thing its a shower night. :)

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