Thursday, September 1, 2016

Maggie and Sarah

 I finished Maggie's new lunch bag for her lunchbox for school.  She wanted a rainbow on one side.  The purple ended up on the bottom and the red is in the inside drawstring part. It turned out pretty cute.
She wanted butterflies on the other side. You can see the red strawberry fabric peaking out at the top in this pic. She is so excited about taking her new lunch bag and box to school.
 Sarah and her new baby doll she picked out at the thrift store.  Oh, they had so much fun picking out clothes, skates and a new doll each.  Who can pass up a doll for less that $2 each. Oh, and I found 4 Mancala games.  James wanted me to find one and I got to pick the best from four, so awesome.
Here is Maggie with her new dolly too.  I think they are Disney princess dolls, Sarah's is the girl from Tangled, I don't remember if they called her Repunzel or not and I think the other is a Cinderella doll. We are going to another thrift store tomorrow, but we don't need to go crazy like we did this time.  Give me strength to say no tomorrow.  lol

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