Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rabbit/Duck Winter Quarters

 This half and the back right quarter will be for the rabbits.
 Sarah wanted to pose for this pic.  It's so cute how they decide to "pose" when they get a pic taken. This is the West side, one window. The North side where Sarah is standing will be solid, you'll see how it progresses.  This was all done today, the new parts.
 The West and South side.
 South side, we will have an outdoor run on this side for the ducks. Hi Steve.
 The flooring for the rabbits. I'm hoping this will keep them in, we will find out, well, the ground will freeze so if nothing it will keep them in for most of the year.
 Sarah wanted another pic.  She is standing on a stump on the other side, so this came out really cool. She is my cutie.  This is what happens when Mags is at school, lots more pics of younger sibling and she is involved in everything we do during the day until sister comes home from school.
 Progression already. North side and West side walling. It went pretty fast. So nice we are getting this done, the rabbits need to be moved and bred before it gets too cold so we can have some babies for the winter. :D I want to time it so the baby bunnies are here before James comes for Thanksgiving. Hi again Steve.
Cutting out the wood for the window and I have no idea what the trouble maker is getting into. ;)

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