Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Maggie's First Day of Pre-K

 Maggie ready for the bus ride to school this morning.  She was so nervous and excited she didn't want to eat too much before she got on the bus, she didn't want to not feel good on the bus.  Such a smarty pants, thinking about herself and the ride before getting on the bus.  Sometimes she drinks so much water in one sitting it makes her tummy hurt, so she was thinking about her ride and I think that is so awesome.  I just hope she won't be too hungry before lunch, she'll probably be too nervous to think about it.  I was nervous this am too, that seemed crazy for me, why am I nervous. lol 
I tried to get a picture of her before she got on the bus, but she was too nervous and when I said hi to Gloria the bus driver she promptly said we'll see you and Maggie who hadn't sat down yet gave me a nervous look, like wait I'm not sitting yet and probably had to scramble to go take a seat, because Gloria closed the door and was off. lol She'll be fine and next week she'll be a pro.

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